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Phase#5 Live Performances on November 19th

Phase#5: On Saturday, November 19th, three live on-site choreographed performances will be presented at Suyama Space at 6, 7 and 8 PM with each performance limited to an audience of 30 people. Purchase tickets ($5) here:

Choreographed by internationally acclaimed interdisciplinary artist Isabelle Choinière from Montreal, in collaboration with D’Agostino as video producer, this live performance integrates 5 dancers’ bodies simultaneously as one mass, 5 voices and one choir as an organic electro-acoustic soundscape. Each performer is fitted with a black head wrap concealing a wireless transmitter, and wears a tiny mike and contact speaker mounted on her cheek bone. As the performers vocalize, the vibrations are felt on their bodies. These vocalizations, heard in real time by audience and performers, are also manipulated in the software music sequencer and digital workstation, sending surrounding waves and vortices of live sound around the performers and viewers:

The 5 performers are Lisa Kusanagi, Juju Kusanagi, Tahni Holt, Eliza Larson and Lucy Lee Yim. Creative coding by Jim Bell, Karim Lakhdar and Kevin McDonald.

This exhibit is made possible through Oregon Arts Commission (Individual Artists Opportunity Grant; Artists Fellowship); Ford Family Foundation (Individual Artists Opportunity Grant); Rainmaker Artists Residency; Canada Council for the Arts; CONSEIL DES ARTS DELONGUEUIL; Québec Government Office in Los Angeles; 4Culture Tech Specific Grant and Organizational Sustained Support Grant; and Suyama Space Friends.

Gail Grinnell

Suyama Space alum Gail Grinnell, along with artists Same Wildman & Eric John Olson, begin their installation “We Are a Crowd of Others” at MadArt today. The ‘Open Studio’ runs through December 2nd, with an Open House on December 3rd. The completed exhibit is up through January 28, 2017. Congrats to Gail, Sam and Eric.

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Welcome to Seattle new Suyama Space artist Fernanda D'Agostino

Install day one of the next Suyama Space installation entitled “Generativity” began today with a truck delivery of branches and ivy vines from Portland, Oregon.

Fernanda has completed twenty-five public commissions and fifteen solo exhibitions, many incorporating moving images in novel ways.  She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally.  Her work has been awarded a Bronson Fellowship, a Flintridge Foundation Fellowship, as well as grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and The Andy Warhol Foundation, and state fellowships in Montana and Oregon.

The artist’s reception will be held on Friday, September 23, from 5 to 7 pm, and D’Agostino will offer a presentation of her work on Saturday, September 24, 2016, at noon. There will also be three live evening performances with Isabelle Choinière on Saturday, November 19, 2016.

For more info and updates, visit our “Generativity” Facebook Event

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"Out of Sight" on View for Only Two More Weekends

On display through August 28th on the third floor of King Street Station, “Out of Sight” will be open on weekends from 12 -6 PM with a suggested donation of $10 at the door. For more info:

This year at “Out of Sight,” Suyama Space curator Beth Sellars has curated five installations that feature four by Suyama Space artist alums including: Gail Grinnell, Gerri Sayler, Mike Rathbun and Lead Pencil Studio’s Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo. Also included is Prentis Hale/SHED. Congratulations to all featured artists! (see PDF below for more info and images)


“Out of Sight’s Regional Riches”
by T.S. Flock, Seattle Weekly

“Out of Sight The Pacific Northwest Art Show is Hard, Better, Faster in Year 2”
by Jen Graves, The Stranger

“The Sights of ‘Out of Sight’”
by Bruce Clayton Tom, CityArts

“5 things to do in Seattle this Weekend”
by Florangela Davila and Nicole Capozziello, Crosscut

“Dear Seattle Art Fair, I Love you and I Want You to Live”
by Jen Graves, The Stranger

“Is Seattle Art Fair the New Art Basel?”
by Liz Suman, Playboy

Photo (above) by Kate Murphy of Mike Rathbun’s installation “Stall”

Full Article (PDF)

Sneak peek of Out of Sight installation by Gerri Sayler, opening August 4th

Sneak peek detail of the upcoming 2016 OUT OF SIGHT at King Street Station, opening in less than 4 weeks on August 4th. Photo of an installation underway by Suyama Space artist alum Gerri Sayler* of her work “WHOOSH” made of pipe cleaners - one of five OoS installations Suyama Space’s Beth Sellars will be curating. Image by Beth Sellars.

Get your tickets for the Opening Night Celebration & Collector’s Preview .

*Gerri Sayler’s installation at Suyama Space in 2010 was entitled “Nascent”

Two Suyama Space alums featured in the Portland2016 Biennial

Congratulations to two Suyama Space artist alums, Avantika Bawa and David Eckard, whom are both featured in the upcoming Portland2016 Biennial. Curated by Michelle Grabner and presented by Disjecta Contemporary Art Center, the Biennial is on view July 9 - September 18, 2016.

“Established in 2010, the Portland Biennial is a major survey of Oregon artists who are defining and advancing the state’s contemporary arts landscape. Building upon the success of its predecessors, the Portland2016 Biennial is a two-month celebration of the here and now that showcases 34 artists at 25 partner venues in 11 communities across the state – the largest and most comprehensive survey of Oregon art, ever.” -

*Avantika Bawa’s installation at Suyama Space in 2012 was entitled “At Owners Risk”
*David Eckard’s installation at Suyama Space in 2001 was entitled “Miracle Boy”

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OUT OF SIGHT 2016: Curated by Beth Sellars, Four Suyama Space Alums Featured

The 2016 Out of Sight Artist List was just released. This year at “Out of Sight,” Suyama Space curator Beth Sellars has curated five installations that feature four by Suyama Space artist alums including: Gail Grinnell, Gerri Sayler, Mike Rathbun and Lead Pencil Studio’s Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo. Also included is Prentis Hale/SHED. Congratulations to all featured artists!

The Opening Night Celebration is Thursday, August 4th at 6 pm. Tickets now available.

Photo by Devin Ball, of Gail Grinnell’s upcoming OoS installation “Hide” under construction this week

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Suyama Space artist Victoria Haven at SAM's Paccar Pavilion at the OSP

Now on display at the Seattle Art Museum’s Paccar Pavilion at the Olympic Sculpture Park, check out former Suyama Space artist Victoria Haven’s wall drawing “Blue Sun” on view through March 2017. Congratulations Victoria! (Photo by Mark Woods)

*Victoria Haven’s group show at Suyama Space in 1999 was entitled ‘Drawing Space’

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Suyama Space artist John Grade at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist John Grade*, whose outdoor sculpture ‘Spur’ is now on display in the group show “Craters of the Moon: A project of the Sun Valley Center for the Arts,” on display through July 30th in Kethcum, Idaho. Using digital mapping Grade measured a lava tube from Craters and is reconstructed it above ground in wood. The sculpture is 75 feet long and 12 feet high.

*John Grade’s installation at Suyama Space in 2008 was entitled “Seeps of Winter”

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Suyama Space artist Veit Stratmann's "Une trame / Thouars" to open in France

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Viet Stratmann* on his upcoming exposition “Une trame / Thouars” in Thouars, France. Openings with the artist are Saturday, June 25, 2016 at 16h at the Henri Barré Museum, at 17h and 18h ​​Tyndo Conservatory at art center La Chapelle Jeanne d’Arc. The exhibit is on display through October 30, 2016.

Veit Stratmann “includes architecture, the light, the viewer back and forth between exhibition space and public space as key elements of its facilities. Four places become transient receptacles of work ahead and dream. The artist poses a virtual grid of the city, it leaves actually appear on the floor of four selected locations, delimited architectures. This frame is composed of circular modules of identical size endlessly repeated. By this division, the artist questions the notion of border territory and linking through the work pass wall acts as a developer of space.” - Deux-Sevres Tourisme

*Stratmann’s installation at Suyama Space in 2015 was entitled “The Seattle Floor”

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Suyama Space curator Beth Sellars featured in July's Seattle Magazine

Suyama Space curator and co-founder Beth Sellars is featured in the ‘Spotlight’ section in July’s issue of Seattle Magazine. Beth Sellars “goes above and beyond to find interactive artists” writes Jim Demetre, page 46. The issue hits newsstands this Friday, June 17th.

Full Article (PDF)

'Seeking Higher Ground' recommended by The Stranger

Reviewed by Jen Graves in The Stranger, ‘Don’t Miss’ Patte Loper’s ‘Seeking Higher Ground’: “In one of the final installations ever to materialize at Suyama Space, which closes at the end of this year, Patte Loper offers two sides of a historical mess, the one we call Seattle. Referencing the early-20th-century adventure of the slicing off of downtown’s hills and the contemporary absurdity of blowing a tunnel the size of the sky out from underneath that same downtown, Loper uses construction materials, video, paint, and sculpture to evoke models of things that can never be built and yet won’t disappear. We are always Seeking Higher Ground. It is in the past, as in the holdout hills of homeowners, or it is in the future, as in the places we’ll run to when warm oceans swallow coastal lands. We are never now; we are always modeling. Here are the skeletons we pretend are living things.” - Jen Graves

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Suyama Space artist alums showcased at Whatcom Museum

Now on display at Bellingham’s Whatcom Museum, ‘COLORFAST: Vivid Installations Make Their Mark’ showcasing two Suyama Space alums, Damien Gilley* and Katy Stone* - congratulations to both! Guest-curated by Amy Chaloupka and exhibiting site-specific installations fueled by vivid color by four west coast artists, the show runs through Septmeber 18, 2016 in the Lightcatcher Building. Photo by Damien Gilley of his “Event Horizon” made of acrylic on suspended string.

*Damien Gillery’s installation at Suyama Space in 2013 was entitled “Axis Index”
*Katy Stone’s installation at Suyama Space in 2004 was entitled “Degrees of Appearance”

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'The False Spectator' reviewed in the Sculpture magazine

‘The False Spectator’ by Joan Tanner is featured in the June issue of Sculpture magazine: “Tanner’s installations exude an air of compositional determination even as they appear to head in several different directions simultaneously—a polysemantic strategy that makes seeing them in person a pleasurable experience and retelling them in text a daunting task.” - John David O’Brien, Sculpture

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Suyama Space artist Damien Gilley at Hap Gallery

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Damien Gilley* on the opening of his first virtual reality installation “Specular” now on display at Portland’s Hap Gallery (916 NW Flanders St) through July 9, 2016. The Artist Talk is Tuesday, July 5, 2016 at 6 PM.

*Damien Gilley’s installation at Suyama Space in 2013 was entitled “Axis Index”

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Suyama Space artist Gerri Sayler at Method Gallery

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Gerri Sayler* on the opening of her installation ‘Intertwined’ at Method Gallery (106 3rd Ave S, Seattle) on display through July 2nd, in which Gerri hand loops and clusters over 12 miles of sisal twine to create Intertwined- a fibrous, contoured environment.

*Gerri Sayler’s installation at Suyama Space in 2010 was entitled “Nascent”

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Suyama Space artist Etta Lilienthal's storefront installation

Check out the storefront installation “X Marks The Spot” by former Suyama Space artist Etta Lilienthal* at the Good Arts Building in Pioneer Square (702 1st Ave). A suspended array of lights create a pathway of reflections viewable from the street day and night.

*Etta Lilienthal’s installation with Ben Zamora at Suyama Space in 2014 was entitled “Never Finished”

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Suyama Space artist Tivon Rice at Threshold Gallery

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Tivon Rice* on the opening of “Façades + Drone Photogrammetry” at Threshold Gallery (Mithūn Architecture, Pier 56, 1201 Alaskan Way #200). The exhibit is on display through July 26, 2016.

*Tivon Rice’s installation at Suyama Space in 2014 was entitled “Site Machines”

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'Seeking Higher Ground' Artist Gallery Talk with Patte Loper

Thank you to everyone whom joined us on Saturday afternoon, May 21st, at Suyama Space for the artist gallery talk with Patte Loper. ‘Seeking Higher Ground’ is on display through August 19th, open weekdays 9 am - 5 pm.

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Artist Reception for Patte Loper's 'Seeking Higher Ground'

Thank you to everyone whom came to the opening for the newest installation by Patte Loper entitled ‘Seeking Higher Ground’ on Friday, May 20th, it was a very fun evening with many friends and donors of Suyama Space. More photos from the opening on our Suyama Space Facebook Page

Open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, the current installation will be on view till August 19, 2016.

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Upcoming Suyama Space artist Patte Loper at Platform Gallery

Opening at Platform Gallery, ‘From There to Here, or How to Let a Peculiar Still Point and Brightness in the Woods Ease Our Grief (While Seeking Higher Ground in the Sky)’ by upcoming Suyama Space artist Patte Loper. On display at Platform May 5 to June 11 2016, the artist reception is First Thursday, May 5 from 6 - 8 PM.

Platform Gallery is pleased to present a selection of paintings and drawings by Patte Loper from the four solo exhibitions she mounted at the Gallery over ten years. The work comes from the following shows:
Let Our Beauty Ease Your Grief (2006)
A Peculiar Brightness in the Sky (2008)
Still Point in a Returning World (2011)
How to Stay Alive in the Woods (2013)

A catalog that includes images of all the works from each of the shows as well as an essay by Rock Hushka, Chief Curator and Curator of Contemporary Northwest Art, Tacoma Art Museum (Tacoma, WA) will also be available. This exhibition is in conjunction with Patte’s installation at Suyama Space which is on view May 20 to August 19, titled Seeking Higher Ground.

Patte Loper is a painter who experiments with sculpture and video. She was born in Colorado and grew up in Tallahassee, FL, a subtropical college town where she first developed an appreciation for the ways nature and culture can overlap. She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, and Boston, MA, where she is on the faculty of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.

IMAGES: They Eat Each Other, Thinking They Are Eating Leaves (I) and (II) 2012, oil on panel (I) and canvas (II), 24 x 20 inches each, private collection

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The False Spectator reviewed in the Temporary Art Review

We are pleased to share a great review in the Temporary Art Review by Elissa Favero of Joan Tanner’s ‘The False Spectator’ at Suyama Space.

“Tanner’s installation, like Seattle, like Paris, like Tati’s enormous set, is a staging ground. But in its bare industrial materials, in its seemingly impromptu arrangement, The False Spectator is deliberately makeshift. It will never become the mega-scape of Amazon’s urban campus, soon-to-be cleaned-up and opened for business, or have the polish of La Défense, which realized Tati’s parody of modernism on a vast scale. The False Spectator is an invitation, instead, to step in from the safe distance of spectator and experience industrial materials close at hand and even overhead, to build associations with the provisional process of construction, and to register and recognize the ebbs and flows of making and unmaking happening so quickly all around us, as we try to find our footing.” - Elissa Favero, Temporary Art Review, 30 March 2016

Click the link below to read the full review. ‘The False Spectator’ will be on view through April 15th.

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Two former Suyama Space artists receive PAM's 2016 Contemporary Northwest Art Award

Two former Suyama Space artists* - Lead Pencil Studio (Daniel Mihalyo and Annie Han) and Victoria Haven - are award recipients of Portland Art Museum’s 2016 Contemporary Northwest Art Awards. Congratulations!

Featuring eight outstanding artists, the museum’s fourth biennial awards exhibitions opens this Saturday, February 13, and runs through May 8, 2016.

“Works in the exhibition address global and regional humanist issues — prejudice, belonging, war, the evolution of power, omnipresent technology, and the environment. Ranging from large-scale installations to intimate ceramic portraits, the multimedia exhibition showcases works in combinations of neon, video, glass, drawing, painting, and clay with innovative approaches to both new and traditional media. At the opening reception one artist will receive the $10,000 Arlene Schnitzer prize selected by the Museum’s curatorial staff. From nomination to final prize, the biennial awards process delivers a two-fold benefit: It allows the Portland Art Museum to identify a number of the Northwest’s exceptional talents, and it provides the museum with a far deeper understanding of the new work taking place in the region by both established and emerging artists.” - PAM

* Lead Pencil Studio’s installation at Suyama Space in 2004 was entitled Linear Plenum
* Victoria Haven’s group show at Suyama Space in 1999 was entitled Drawing Space

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Suyama Space artist Victoria Haven in group show LINE in London

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Victoria Haven on being included in the group show ‘LINE’ at Lisson Gallery in London, curated by Drawing Room. The exhibit, which includes fifteen artists, is on display through March 12, 2016. As part of the show, Haven installed a site-specific wall drawing.

*Victoria Haven’s group show at Suyama Space in 1999 was entitled ‘Drawing Space’

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Suyama Space artist Cris Bruch's show opens at the Frye Art Museum

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Cris Bruch* on the opening of his new show entitled ‘Others Who Were Here’
now on display at the Frye Art Museum through March 27, 2016.

“Inspired by his investigation into his family’s roots as dryland farmers in eastern Colorado during the first half of the twentieth century, Others Who Were Here addresses the durability of hope in the face of obsolescence and decay.” - Frye

*Cris Bruch’s installation at Suyama Space in 2000 was entitled ‘Duty Cycle’

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'The False Spectator' Artist Gallery Talk with Joan Tanner

Thank you to everyone whom joined us on Saturday afternoon, January 16th, at Suyama Space for the artist gallery talk with Joan Tanner. ‘The False Spectator’ is on display through April 15th, open weekdays 9 am - 5 pm.

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Suyama Space artist Rick Araluce's 'The Great Northern' opens Sunday at MadArt

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Rick Araluce* on his new installation entitled ‘The Great Northern’ opening this Sunday, January 17th at MadArt Seattle (325 Westlake Avenue N, #101). The exhibit runs through February 27th (open Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 pm, with an artist talk Sunday, January 24th, from 2 - 3 pm.

Within the MadArt space, Araluce created a replica of The Great Northern train tunnel, which still runs beneath downtown Seattle. When it opened in 1905, it was the highest and widest tunnel in the US. Rick’s version will be half scale, filling MadArt’s studio. Viewers will find themselves immersed in a sensory experience that incorporates light and sound, creating a mysterious illusion. The finished work will be open to the public through February 27th, 2016.

*Rick Araluce + Steve Peter’s installation at Suyama Space in 2012 entitled ‘Uprising’

Photo credit: MadArt

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GSD WEST: Pacific Northwest Expedition visit Suyama Space

Students from the Harvard Graduate School of Design visited Suyama Space as part of their J-Term 2016 tour, GSD WEST: Pacific Northwest Expedition. Over a five day period, the group will visit leading design firms and practitioners in Seattle and Portland.

Upcoming Suyama Space artist Joan Tanner at Philadephia's Locks Gallery

Upcoming Suyama Space artist Joan Tanner currently has an exhibition of drawings on paper entitled ‘Persistent Contact: Works on Paper’at Locks Gallery in Philadelphia. Organized by independent curator Julien Robson, the exhibit is on display through January 30th with a reception on January 22, from 5.30 - 7.30pm.

Locks Gallery is located at 600 Washington Square South in Philadelphia, PA. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm.

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Suyama Space artist Mike Rathbun's show opens at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Congratulations to former Suyama Space artist Mike Rathbun* on the opening of his new show entitled “I Have Love in my Heart as a Thief Has Riches” now on display at Jessica Helgerson Interior Design (112 SW First Avenue, Portland OR)

“Meaning in objects is transferable. It can be imbued collectively or by the individual. It may be built-in or detected. Meaning may also be completely consumed, leaving the object empty. Loss of meaning may also occur through leakage, as with time. A portion may be recovered through a process of effective nostalgia.” - Mike Rathbun

*Mike Rathbun’s installation at Suyama Space in 2007 entitled N47° 36.878’ W122° 20.788’.

"Beyond This Point" podcast episode recording at Suyama Space

“Beyond This Point” podcast episode recording on branding, graphic design history and print featuring Lance Wyman, Sean Wolcott, Adrian Shaughnessy and Peter Miller at Suyama Space this past Saturday evening. The podcast was moderated Gabriel Stromberg of Civilization and will be available on Civilization’s website on November 5th.

Students from Portland, Oregon's PNCA visit 'The Seattle Floor'

On Saturday, October 3rd, Suyama Space was pleased to host a group of 30+ students from PNCA - Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. The students toured the current installation, “The Seattle Floor,” with curator Beth Sellars. Thanks to all for making the trip up to Seattle from Portland!


'The Seattle Floor' featured on KING 5's evening newscast

Lights, camera, action! The current Suyama Space installation ‘The Seattle Floor’ by Veit Stratmann appeared on the September 16th evening KING 5 newscast. The segment, entitled ‘What’s with the floor at Suyama Space?,” features an interview with Suyama Space curator Beth Sellars.

Watch here: ‘The Seattle Floor’ on KING 5

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Suyama Space artist John Grade's installation at Smithsonian's Renwick Gallery

Congratulations to former Suyama Space* artist John Grade whose installation ‘Middle Fork’ will be on display at the Smithsonian’s newly opened Renwick Gallery as part of ‘WONDER’ along with nine other contemporary artists! Previously on display at MadArt in Seattle, the sculpture will be on view in Washington D.C. from November 13, 2015 to July 10, 2016. After the sculpture has been exhibited over several years, it will be placed at the foot of the tree from which it was cast, gradually mossing over and degrading into the forest floor.

“This fall the Renwick Gallery - the first building in the United States designed expressly as an art museum - will open its doors after a major, two-year renovation. To celebrate, we’re transforming the entire museum into an immersive artwork with our debut exhibition, WONDER. Nine leading contemporary artists - Jennifer Angus, Chakaia Booker, Gabriel Dawe, Tara Donovan, Patrick Dougherty, Janet Echelman, John Grade, Maya Lin, and Leo Villareal - are each taking over different galleries in the building, creating site-specific installations inspired by the Renwick. Together, these installations will turn the building into a larger-than-life work of art. WONDER is organized by Nicholas R. Bell, The Fleur and Charles Bresler Senior Curator of American Craft and Decorative Art.” - Exhibitions, Smithsonian Institution

*John Grade’s installation at Suyama Space entitled ‘Seeps of Winter’ was on display during the winter of 2008.

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'The Seattle Floor' by Veit Stratmann opening reception

Thank you to everyone whom came to the opening for the newest installation by Veit Stratmann entitled ‘The Seattle Floor’ on Friday, August 28th, it was a very fun evening with many friends and donors of Suyama Space! More photos from the opening on our Suyama Space Facebook Page.

Open Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, the current installation will be on view till December 11, 2015.

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Floored: 'The Seattle Floor' installation reviewed in The Stranger

We are pleased to share Jen Graves’ review of ‘The Seattle Floor’ in The Stranger this week entitled, “Floored: Veit Stratmann’s Vibrant, Anxious Seattle Floor Just Wants to Move You”

“The floor is making you do things. It’s a work of art, but let’s deal with it first as a floor. The floor is divided into parallel segments. They stretch from the door area of Suyama Space to the entrance of the Belltown architecture firm Suyama Peterson Deguchi at the back of the building. Each segment of floor is a strip of colored vinyl, in every color of the rainbow plus gray. To go forward, you choose a color. Walk forward in the narrow path of your choice, and soon you arrive at the other side. What now? Turn around and come back? Yes, but if you stay on this color, you will merely go back and forth, back and forth. So it’s time to cross between rows, from color to color, to push through the corn stalks, as it were..” - Jen Graves, The Stranger, 2 September 2015

Click the link below to read the full review. ‘The Seattle Floor’ will be on view through December 11th.

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Suyama Space artists exhibit at Out of Sight, featured in The New York Times

Two former Suyama Space installation artists - Damien Gilley (Axis Index, 2013) and Ben Zamora (Never Finished, 2014) - exhibited at Out of Sight, which opened this past Thursday, July 31st. The exhibit was featured in The New York Time’s ArtsBeat article and showcased a photograph of Gilley’s hot pink nylon and acrylic paint installation, ‘Ex-Image’ (above, photo by Evan McGlinn). Congrats to both Damien and Ben!

In tandem with the Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight presented over 100 visual artists in 24,000 square feet of the historic King Street Station. The show was curated by Kirsten Anderson, Sharon Arnold, Greg Lundgren and Sierra Stinson, and “showcased over 80 emerging and mid-career artists, bringing what we believe is the largest survey of contemporary art happening in the region. Both in scale, proximity and premise, Out of Sight is a bold and audacious exhibit, designed to recognize the immense talent and creativity that our region harbors, and the under-recognized creative capital of our community.” - Vital 5 Productions, Out of Sight

Special viewings can be arranged until August 21st. Email if you and/or a group of individuals would like to visit Out of Sight.

‘First Seattle Art Fair Opens’ by Melena Ryzik, The New York Times

@outofsightseattle (Instagram photos)

‘The Real Seattle Art Fair is Out of Sight’ by Jen Graves, The Stranger

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Video of Ben Zamora's sculpture along the Duwamish River in The Seattle Times

Watch this video, entitled “Sculpture reflects Seattle artist’s Duwamish experience,” published by The Seattle Times of former Suyama Space installation artist Ben Zamora’s Duwamish Revealed sculpture.

“Seattle artist Ben Zamora’s sculpture reflects the Duwamish River in beautiful and surprising ways. Standing in the Middle of Darkness. Invisible.”

The sculpture stands at 12th Avenue S and S Elmgrove St.

VIDEO: The Seattle Time’s “Sculpture reflects Seattle artist’s Duwamish experience”

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Suyama Space artist Ben Zamora's new sculpture featured in The Stranger's 'The River Reclaimed'

Congratulations to former Suyama Space​ installation artist Ben Zamora* whose large mirror sculpture in South Park, part of ‘Duwamish Revealed,’ is featured in this week’s Stranger​ article written by Jen Graves entitled ‘The River Reclaimed’ (link below). Photograph by Bruce Clayton Tom.

Duwamish Revealed is a series of one hundred outdoor art installations, performances, activities and adventures to celebrate Seattle’s only river on display till September 2015.

The Stranger’s ‘The River Reclaimed’ by Jen Graves

More info on Duwamish Revealed

* LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA’s ‘Never Finished’ 2014 installation at Suyama Space

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2015 Suyama Space Garage Sale & Photos

Over the weekend of June 20th and 21st, Suyama Space had its 4th annual fundraiser, the 2015 Suyama Space Garage Sale. This benefit event for Suyama Space programming took place in the Suyama Space gallery from 10 AM - 4 PM both days. Thank you too all whom came to the sale and especially to all whom donated their ‘treasures’ to be sold at the sale (there were over one-hundred donors)!

Thank you to Helene Christensen (@emeraldhelene) for donating her services to document this curated sale before the doors opened (photos below).

Photos: 2015 Suyama Space Garage Sale

* If you have more photos you’d like to share from the sale and/or of your new treasure, please email them to, thanks!

2015 Suyama Space Garage Sale, Donor Preview Party

Friday, June 19, 2015: Thank you to all the garage sale donors and Suyama Space Friends whom came to the Suyama Space Garage Sale Donor Preview Party! Martinis and hot dogs were served as people got first pick of the curated “treasures of numerous regard” - what a fun evening it was!

A big thank you to all our Suyama Space volunteers whom helped with the event as well (photographed above).

And, lastly, thank you to Dorothee Brand of Belathee Photography (@belathee) for donating her services to document the event too (photos below)

Photos: Donor Preview Party

'Unbounded' by Ben Butler (Suyama Space, 2006) opens at Rice University

Ben Butler - artist of the 2006 Suyama Space installation ‘All Things Long to Persist in Their Being’ - recently opened his new site-specific installation, ‘Unbounded,’ commissioned by Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas. The monumental scaffolding installation deploys over 10,000 sticks of poplar wood. On view through August 28th, the installation has already received much well deserved press (see below). Congrats to you Ben!

“I am fascinated by complex phenomena that emerge from very simple processes. This is the underlying behavior of the natural world, and vivid examples can be found at every scale. Biology emerges from chemistry. The experience of consciousness emerges from the accumulation of neural activity. The myriad activities and complex behaviors observed in ant colonies, and even human cities, are simply the product of the accumulation of the myopic actions of individuals within those societies. Unbounded, my installation at Rice Gallery, is essentially a distillation of this idea. Simple and predictable units are accumulated until an unexpectedly rich range of physical and visual phenomena result.” - Ben Butler

Ben Butler ‘Unbounded’ at Rice Gallery

‘This is Colossal’ article (July 2, 2015)

‘Designboom’ article (June 20, 2015)

Video documenting the making of ‘Unbounded’

Ben Butler’s ‘All Things Long to Persist in Their Being’ at Suyama Space (2006)

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SUYAMA SPACE GARAGE SALE: Now Accepting Collectible Donations

Suyama Space is assembling its 4th annual fundraiser, the High End Collectibles Sale, scheduled to open to the public at no charge on Saturday, June 20 and continue through Sunday, June 21, 2015. This benefit project for Suyama Space programming will take place in Suyama Space gallery from 10 AM - 4 PM both days.  A private preview party for Suyama Space Friends and donors of objects to the sale is planned for Friday, June 19 at 6 - 8 PM.

Inventory your packed closets and impossible garages and basements to discover all the great items that deserve a second life with new owners.  We can help make new bonding connections. Numerous treasures of particular regard can include designer furniture, vintage collectibles, unique household and clothing items, cool architectural fixtures and ornamentation, exotic textiles, art objects, and much, much more.

Suyama Space, 2324 2nd Avenue
NOW - JUNE 12, 2015
Monday - Friday
11 AM - 3 PM

For special delivery arrangements,contact Kate Murphy at 206.256.0809 or

* Suyama Space is a Washington State 501©3 tax exempt charitable organization. 
All your gifted donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by IRS regulations.

Suyama Space raises over $14K through this year's GiveBIG event

On Tuesday, May 5, 2015, Suyama Space participated in GiveBIG, The Seattle Foundation’s 24-hour online charitable giving event. Thanks to the support of our friends and donors, we had a very successful funrdraiser - raised over three times what we raised last year! The Seattle Foundation will stretch by a prorated match too.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who gave big this year - we so greatly appreciate your gifts and generosity! And, thank you to The Seattle Foundation for making all of this possible! ‪#‎GiveBIG‬

More on The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG 2015


THE 4TH ANNUAL SUYAMA SPACE GARAGE SALE, Numerous Treasures of Particular Regard!

We are pleased to announce our 4th Annual Garage Sale, a fundraiser event created to benefit Suyama Space programming, and featuring designer furniture, vintage collectibles, unique household items, architectural components, exotic textiles, art objects, and much more!

JUNE 20 - 21, 2015
Saturday + Sunday
10 am - 4 pm

Free and open to the public. All sales final.

Friday, June 19
6 - 8 PM

MAY 18 - JUNE 12, 2015
Monday - Friday
11 am - 3 pm

For special delivery arrangements,
contact Kate Murphy at 206.256.0809 or

Suyama Space is a Washington State 501(c)3 tax exempt charitable organization.
All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by IRS regulations.

Our own Rick Araluce (UPRISING, Suyama Space 2012) is a Guggenheim Fellow!

Our own Rick Araluce (UPRISING: Installation by Rick Araluce and Steve Peters, January - April, 2012) is a Guggenheim Fellow!

In its ninety-first competition for the United States and Canada, the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has awarded 173 Fellowships (including two joint Fellowships) to a diverse group of 175 scholars, artists, and scientists. Appointed on the basis of prior achievement and exceptional promise, the successful candidates were chosen from a group of over 3,100 applicants.

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The Artist Partnership LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA Parts Ways, Bids Farewell

LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA would like to share some important news with our friends, supporters, and collaborators.  After many inspiring years working as a partnership, we are moving forward separately with our artistic careers.

Since 2010, we have created an amazing body of work that we are proud of and that has connected us with incredible people.  We would like to give our heartfelt thanks and share our deep gratitude for the support we have received over the past five years.  Specifically, we would like to thank Suyama Space*, the Hedreen Gallery, the Frye Art Museum, the Office of Arts and Culture and Irene Gomez, 4Culture, and Artist Trust for their support.  We would also like to thank our incredible collaborators: Erik Holden, Chris Frickland, All Rise, Olson Kundig Architects, Degenerate Art Ensemble, Andrew Russell, Roger Benington, Mark Haim, and hundreds more who have held us up, lifted us high, and made it possible for us to bring our work to you.

We are moved by the images that follow us, and hopeful of those that lie ahead.

Please contact us separately through Facebook, or our individual emails.

Thank you,
Ben and Etta


* Earlier this year in Suyama Space, LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA created an ambitious installation entitled “Never Finished.” The installation was “stretched from the gallery’s wooden plank floor to its open beam ceiling. Simultaneously drawn together and pulled apart, NEVER FINISHED creates a powerful volume of light, full of tension and release.”

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor installation featured in The Seattle Times

Our new installation,“heart in throat, head in hands; tongue in knots, heart on sleeve” by Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor is featured in The Seattle Times.

“The show includes nine animallike works composed of found materials including bedding from thrift stores and cardboard from boxes behind stores. Higgins O’Connnor uses the materials to explore aspects of frustration, joy and tragedy through their storytelling abilities. ‘I believe that materials have a language, like a poetic language that can be interpreted so these materials have a history, a resonance,’ Higgins O’Connor said. ‘They’ve been touched and handled and had other lives before their life with me.’”

The Seattle Times: Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor fills Suyama Space with large-scale sculptures

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Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor's heart in throat, head in hands; tongue in knots, heart on sleeve

Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor’s heart in throat, head in hands; tongue in knots, heart on sleeve opened January 16 with a reception and artist discussion the following day. The gestural forms allude to animals and explore the relationships inherent to the connotations created by the materials they are made of: thrifted, domestic textiles that conjure domesticity, comfort, sleep, birth, childhood, dreamtime, and sex. Through April 25.

Nothing Lasts Forever (Not Even Art): Ian McMahon

Read an exiting review of Ian McMahon’s Cascade exhibit from 2014’s show.

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Jane Richlovsky's Art: Making Your Own Work

Explore the work of Jane Richlovsky’s University of Washington life drawing class from their visit to the Suyama Gallery as they focused their subject on Lilienthal | Zamora’s Never Finished.

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Angle of Repose

Gail Grinnell, angle of repose, Boise Art Museum site-specific installation, through November 2014.

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Lilienthal|Zamora Booklet Arrival

Fresh off the press: Our Lilienthal|Zamora “Never Finished” booklets have just arrived.

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"Never Finished" Opening Photos by Robert Wade

Experience the excitement of the “Never Finished” opening at “Round about Seattle” the blog of photographer Robert Wade.

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Video of CASCADE: Demolition Performance by Ian McMahon

Check out “Cascade: A Momentary Event With A Sculpture” by Ian McMahon

Please visit the link below to see all of the action, as 2000 lbs of plaster come crashing down to the gallery floor.

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July 10th "Home Waters" Book Launch

Please join us July 10th for the launch of a trilogy of novels by Anna Odessa Linzer, entitled “Home Waters”, published by Marquand books.

HOME WATERS contains three novels: Blind Virgil, Dancing on Water, and A River Story. These beautifully crafted Northwest stories have been produced in two sets of special editions. A limited edition of twenty-five is handbound in leather and held in a handcrafted cedar box made from salvaged old-growth shakes, each with a bronze, brass, or copper maritime found object. The other fine edition of the trilogy is handbound in cloth and paper.

Event Details:

Introduced by Ed Marquand and Peter Miller
Reading by Anna Odessa Linzer at 6:30 pm

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Time-lapse video of the making of "Cascade" by Ian McMahon

Watch a full month of work unfold in five minutes as sculptor Ian McMahon creates the two mammoth curtains for “Cascade”.

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Congratulations to Zachary Culler for his opening last night at The Hedreen Gallery!

Zac exhibited at Suyama Space with his co-collaborators in 2002 on an installation entitled John Sutton, Ben Beres, Zac Culler: OPEN HOUSE

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Donate to Suyama Space, GiveBIG!

GiveBIG is The Seattle Foundation’s one day, online charitable giving event to help nonprofit organizations reach their funding goals. GiveBIG! on May 6th, 2014 through this link to donate on behalf of Suyama Space. A portion of each donation made on May 6th will be matched, making your donation go further. Please GiveBIG! Click & Pledge

Tivon Rice catalogue now available

The SITE MACHINES catalogue features an interpretive essay by Kolya Rice, Lecturer in the Department of Art HIstory at the University of Washington, along with photos by Mark Woods and the artist. The installation will be on view through April 11, 2014. Catalogues are now available for purchase at the gallery.

Announcing our winter 2014 installation

We are happy to announce our winter 2014 installation - SITE MACHINES by Tivon Rice. Please save the dates for Tivon’s artist reception on January 17, 5-7pm, and artist talk on January 18, 12pm. SITE MACHINES will be on view from January 20 - April 11, 2014.

Continuing a series of projects exploring how memory is constructed, contained, and altered in space, Tivon Rice’s video installation organizes a network of cameras, screens, and lighting elements throughout Suyama Space. The cameras, each animated by a unique mechanical device, open up different ways of moving through and seeing spaces, surfaces, and frames created by the gallery’s architecture.

Learn more about Tivon’s work at and we hope to see you next Friday!

Kavanaugh Nguyen catalogue now available

“Using material as basic as paper - twisted and creased, shaped and layered in environments of commanding scale and astonishing detail - Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen channel the forces of nature and the aggregate power of their own collaboration.” -Hilarie M. Sheets

The DRAWN FROM THE OLYMPICS catalogue features an interpretive essay by Hilarie M. Sheets, contributing editor to ARTnews and writer for The New York Times, along with photos by Mark Woods and the artists. The installation will be on view through December 13. Catalogues are now available for purchase at the gallery.


Kavanaugh Nguyen installation featured in City Arts

City Arts Magazine recommends “Drawn from the Olympics” in their November issue. The PDF is posted on the exhibit page, under “Press”. Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen’s installation will be on view through December 13th and you won’t want to miss it!

Kavanaugh Nguyen installation featured in Seattle Magazine

Our new installation, Drawn from the Olympics by Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen, is featured in Seattle Magazine’s Fall Arts Preview. Check out the September 13 issue (page 138) and find all the details here. We look forward to seeing you at the opening reception on Friday, September 13th from 5-7pm.

Announcing our fall 2013 installation

We are pleased to announce our fall 2013 installation - DRAWN FROM THE OLYMPICS by Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen. Save the dates for Wade and Stephen’s artist reception on September 13, 5-7pm, and artist talk on September 14, 12pm. DRAWN FROM THE OLYMPICS will be on view from September 16 - December 13, 2013.

Using the temperate rain forest as a common point of reference, Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen will tap into the collective imagination by processing their individual experience of the rainforest into a three-dimensional “drawing” of crumpled and twisted paper.

Learn more about Wade and Stephen’s work at and we hope to see you in September!

Damien Gilley catalogue now available

The AXIS INDEX catalogue features an interpretive essay by Sharon Arnold, artist and founder/curator of LxWxH Gallery in Seattle, along with photos by Mark Woods.. Come pick up your copy today! Damien Gilley’s installation will be on view through August 9th.

Gilley installation reviewed in The Stranger

We are pleased to share Jen Graves’ review of Axis Index in The Stranger. Thank you, Jen!

“Gilley’s two-part drawing installed on either end of the gallery has a very uptight name for a fun experience. Each drawing is in spring-green tape. Each is done in one-point perspective, pulling toward a distant vanishing point, making it look like the walls on either end of the gallery have disappeared, and you could just walk right through and continue down the street in both directions.” -Jen Graves, The Stranger, 29 May 2013.

Click the link below to read the full review. Axis Index will be on view through August 9th. [photo by Damien Gilley]

Full Article (PDF)

Damien Gilley Artist Reception Tomorrow

We are thrilled to celebrate the unveiling of Damien Gilley’s newest installation - AXIS INDEX. Please join us for Damien’s artist reception on Friday, May 17, 5-7pm. On Saturday, May 18 at 12pm, Damien will give his artist talk at the gallery. We look forward to seeing you!

Damien Gilley is on site

Damien Gilley is here constructing his newest site-specific installation - AXIS INDEX. Learn more about Damien’s work at

Artist Reception: Friday, May 17, 5-7pm
Artist Talk: Saturday, May 18, 12pm

Announcing our spring 2013 installation

We are pleased to announce our spring 2013 installation - AXIS INDEX by Damien Gilley. Save the dates for Damien’s artist reception on May 17, 5-7pm, and artist talk on May 18, 12pm. AXIS INDEX will be on view from May 20 - August 9, 2013

AXIS INDEX is an immersive installation combining sculpture and drawing to transform the architecture of the gallery through physical and visual methods. Consisting of tape drawings on existing gallery walls and custom fabricated foam core planar surfaces, the sculptural forms will emerge from the gallery walls and extend to the floor and rafters of the space, altering the shape of the room.

Learn more about Damien’s work at

Deborah Aschheim catalogue is here

The THRESHOLD catalog features an essay by Ken D. Allan, Associate Professor of Art History at Seattle University, with photos by Mark Woods, Eduardo Calderon and Deborah Aschheim. Come pick up your copy today! THRESHOLD: Installation by Deborah Aschheim’s is on view through April 12.

Aschheim installation in Sculpture Magazine

Good news to start the week - Deborah Aschheim’s installation, “Threshold”, is featured in Sculpture Magazine’s “Itinerary”, March 2013 issue, page 20. Check out the PDF in Deborah’s press listings.

Garage Sale Dates and Donations

After a two year hiatus, the Suyama Space Benefit Garage Sale is back by popular demand. We are now seeking donations for the March 22 - 24, 2013* event. The Garage Sale will include fancy furniture, vintage goods, cool household items, architectural accessories, beautiful textiles, art objects, antiques, and many more treasures.

To Donate: Clean out your closets and deliver your collectible goods to Suyama Space, 2324 Second Avenue, 98121. We will be accepting donations from March 11 - 15, 9 am – 5 pm. Suyama Space is a Washington State 501c3 tax exempt charitable organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by IRS regulations.

All donors will be invited to a special Donor Preview Party, which you will not want to miss! Stay tuned for details.

For more information, please contact Beth Sellars or Emma Shultz at 206.256.0809 / Thank you!

*please note new dates

Aschheim exhibit reviewed in The Stranger

“There is a city of misremembered buildings inside Suyama Space. The buildings are familiar, but wrong. They stand on the floor, dangle on platforms from the ceiling, and sprout from the wall, and they’re made of translucent white plastic, the corrugated stuff used for mail delivery tubs and campaign signs….” - Jen Graves, The Stranger, 06 February 2013

Thanks, Jen! Click the link below to read the full review. [photo courtesy of the artist and Suyama Space]

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Aschheim installation reviewed in The Seattle Times

“...the buildings that [Deborah Aschheim] has made for “Threshold” are “mash-ups of real buildings and projected buildings.” Rather like memories that we have revisited again and again and which oddly become more vague rather than more precise over time, Aschheim has allowed these buildings to mutate and to confuse themselves with one another.” - Robert Ayers, The Seattle Times, 01 February 2013. Click the link below to read the full review.

Thank you, Robert for your wonderfully insightful review of Deborah’s installation! Threshold will be on view Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm through April 12th.

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Deborah Aschheim installation in South Lake Union

Go for a walk in South Lake Union and find Deborah Aschheim’s new permanent installation. Located at 207 Boren Avenue North, Seattle 98109, “Periscope” is accessible from the sidewalk and lit up until 2am!

“Periscope” by Deborah Aschheim,in collaboration with Daragh Byrne and Joshua Rosenstoc, roto casing resin, solid core optical fiber, programmed LED’s, looping and dynamic video, 2012. [photo by Deborah Aschheim]

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Deborah Aschheim Is On Site

Deborah Aschheim is here and we’re going up into the rafters to install Threshold! Learn more about Deborah’s work at

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Happy 2013

Happy New Year! We are excited to announce our 2013 line-up:

THRESHOLD by Deborah Aschheim, January 21 - April 12
AXIS INDEX by Damien Gilley, May 20 - August 9
DRAWN FROM THE OLYMPICS by Stephen Nguyen and Wade Kavanaugh, September 16 - December 13

Please join us for another year of thought-provoking, site-specific installations.

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2013 Garage Sale

Get ready for the Suyama Space Garage Sale in 2013! Save the date - March 15, 2013 - and save your GOOD STUFF. The Garage Sale features collectibles, furniture, antiques, home goods, architectural furnishings and other fabulous treasures. We will start accepting donations in February. To inquire about making a tax-deductible donation, please contact us. Thank you!

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Announcing our winter 2013 Installation

We are excited to welcome 2013 with Deborah Aschheim’s THRESHOLD installation. Save the date for her artist reception on January 18, 5-7pm, and artist talk on January 19, 12pm. THRESHOLD will be on view from January 21 - April 12, 2013.

Deborah Aschheim is interested in the way cities, buildings and landscapes are haunted by layers of memory, and how we experience spaces via maps we construct in our minds.  Her installation for Suyama Space is a three-dimensional model of the space of forgetting and (mis)remembering. Giving sculptural form to the haunting of Suyama Space by objects she installed here thirteen years ago, she uses her memory of that installation as a conceptual blueprint for the current environment. THRESHOLD translates a memory of this space into an idiosyncratic, ghostly city, laid out in the footprint of (mis)remembered past, at once elusive, mutable, strange and familiar.

Learn more about Deborah’s work at

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Thank You Donors!

Filled with GRATITUDE after the successful 2012 Donors Party last week.

Huge thanks to everyone who attended the party -  we greatly appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the Suyama Space mission.

Thank you to the Suyama Space Board - Richard Andrews, Anne Focke and Greg Kucera - for leading our new 501c3 organization. We think you are the cream of the crop.

Thank you to Gail Grinnell, John Grade, Mike Rathbun, Annie Han + Daniel Mihalyo / Lead Pencil Studio and Dan Corson for fabulous artist presentations.

We are excited about 2013 - stay tuned for details on our upcoming installations.

Thank you Litho Craft and Bodegas Ontanon

Suyama Space gratefully acknowledges the donated printing of membership cards from Litho Craft, Seattle’s Color Printers and donated wine for the 2012 Donors Party from Bodegas Ontanon.

Grinnell exhibit mentioned in Art Ltd's Report on "Elles"

We are thrilled to announce another national press mention of RUFFLE: Installation by Gail Grinnell. Thank you Art Ltd and Suzanne Beal for including Suyama Space in the November 2012 report, “Seattle: A Celebration of ‘Elles’”.

“In conjunction with “Elles”, [Beth] Sellars invited Gail Grinnell to fill the lofty, soaring ceilinged space with delicate frilly fragments of what appear to be tracing paper - Grinnell’s specialty - and in which, if viewers look closely, skeletons can be spied. Tacked to the ceilings and falling to the floor, Grinnell’s RUFFLE creates bower-like visual shelters - places to find protection, or perhaps be trapped permanently.” -Suzanne Beal, Art Ltd, November 2012

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Grinnell installation reviewed in The Seattle Times

“Sculptors have talked about “drawing in space” for at least a century now, but rarely has the phrase been so appropriate, or so beautifully embodied, as in “Ruffle,” Gail Grinnell’s splendid installation at Suyama Space.” - Robert Ayers, The Seattle Times, 26 Oct 2012.

Wow! Thanks Robert, thanks Seattle Times for featuring our current exhibit. Click the link below to read the full review. Come experience RUFFLE this week, Suyama Space is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm and we look forward to your visit. [photo by Mark Woods]

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Hot off the press: Gail Grinnell catalog

The RUFFLE publication features a wonderful essay by Janet Koplos with striking photos by Mark Woods and Marisa Vietiello. Come pick up your copy today! Gail Grinnell’s installation is on view through December 7.

Grinnell exhibit featured on Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

RUFFLE: Installation by Gail Grinnell was featured on the Seattle Channel’s “Art Zone with Nancy Guppy” on 09.21.12: This video was produced and edited by Patricia O’Brien; still photographs by Marisa Vitiello. View the long version of the video here: and the short version here: We love Art Zone! Thank you Patricia O’Brien and Marisa Vitiello for this stellar documentation.

Ruffle Reviewed in The Stranger

Here’s what Jen Graves has to say about our current installation;

“Gail Grinnell’s installation Ruffle is a translucent cut-paper universe of lightly tea-and-coffee-stained drawings of dress ruffles. The ruffles dangle from the ceiling and whirl in tunnels midair and cling to the rafters at Suyama Space. Among other things, it may call to mind: vaudeville, collars, spaghetti piles, camouflage netting, tornadoes, roses, peeled skin, veins, vines, entrails, hair, maps, worms, Celtic knots, glass noodles. Ruffle looks like a deconstructed wedding, one that did not go well. It has the ashy appearance of something obliterated, something after a disaster, just before it falls to dust.”

Click the link below to read the rest of Jen’s review in The Stranger. Ruffle will be on view through December 7, 2012. [photo by Marisa Vitiello, Dot Dot inc]

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Ruffle Reviewed in City Arts Magazine

“RUFFLE manages to look inviting and terrifying at the same time. Does it cocoon or consume the space?” Thank you Amanda Manitach for reviewing Gail Grinnell’s installation. [photo by Amanda Manitach]

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Artist Reception Tomorrow and Video of Ruffle

Tomorrow is our artist reception for RUFFLE: Installation by Gail Grinnell from 5-7pm. On Saturday, September 8 at 12pm, Gail will give her artist talk at the gallery. We look forward to celebrating with Gail, and with you, so join us!

Also, check out this wonderful video of RUFFLE from the early stages of fabrication in Gail’s studio to installation on site at Suyama Space: Thank you to Marisa Vitiello and Tom Yoder, Dot Dot inc, for documenting the process. [Credits: above photo by Amanda Manitach; video by Marisa Vitiello and sound by Tom Yoder, Dot Dot inc.]

Progress Photos of Ruffle Installation

RUFFLE is growing larger by the day! Please join us next week to celebrate Gail Grinnell’s newest site-specific installation. RUFFLE will be on view from September 10 - December 7, 2012. Save these dates:
Artist reception: September 7, 5-7pm
Artist Talk: September 8, 12pm

Gail Grinnell Is On Site

Gail Grinnell’s installation, RUFFLE, is now underway. Here’s a sneak peak, taken by Gail in her studio. Stay tuned for more preview photos and save the date for our artist reception on September 7, 5-7pm. See you soon!

Beth Sellars Will Curate A Bumbershoot Exhibit

Beth Sellars is curating an exhibit entitled “Christopher Martin Hoff Remembered” for Bumbershoot, September 1-3, 2012 at the Fisher Pavilion, Seattle Center. Open and free to the public, Friday, August 31, 1-9pm; a reception for friends and collectors of Christopher Hoff is scheduled that evening, 6-8pm in the exhibition space. Bumbershoot Tickets are available for purchase at You won’t want to miss it!

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Review of At Owners Risk

Check out Robert Ayers’ review of Avantika Bawa’s installation on his blog, A Sky Filled with Shooting Stars. Thanks Robert!

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New Gallery Publication

Our gallery publication for AT OWNERS RISK features an insightful essay by Craig Drennen and striking photos by Mark Woods. Come pick up your copy today!

New Photos of Avantika Bawa's Installation

Check out Mark Woods’ new photos of AT OWNERS RISK. We love how Mark captured the summer light flooding the gallery and bouncing through Bawa’s installation. AT OWNERS RISK will be on view through August 10.

Calgary Radio Features Suyama Space

Calgary Independent Radio CJSW 90.9fm will air a story about Suyama Space on May 1st at 10am PST (11am MST). Tune in and thanks to Amery Calvelli for featuring us!

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Announcing our Fall 2012 Installation

We are very pleased to announce our fall 2012 installation - RUFFLE by Seattle based visual artist Gail Grinnell, September 10 - December 7, 2012. Learn more about Gail’s work at

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